11 Tips For Choosing The Right Adhesives  For Holiday Crafts

During this holiday season, all you crafting enthusiasts are gearing up to unleash your creativity and add a touch of festive magic to your homes. One often underestimated yet crucial aspect of successful holiday crafting is the choice of adhesives. The right adhesive can make the difference between a beautifully assembled masterpiece and a project that falls apart faster than you can say “Happy Holidays.”

 In this guide, we’ll unwrap essential tips for selecting the perfect adhesives for your holiday crafts, ensuring that your decorations and gifts withstand the test of time and sparkle with seasonal charm. Get ready to stick with success and make your holiday crafting endeavors merry and bright!

Remember choosing the right adhesive for your home crafts is crucial to ensure that your projects are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some tips to help you select the right adhesives for various types of crafts:

1.Understand Your Materials

Consider the materials you are working with. Different adhesives are suitable for different surfaces. For example, wood, paper, fabric, plastic, and metal may require different types of adhesives. Check out all our bodar adhesives and choose the appropriate glue for your craft.

2.Consider the bond type

Adhesives come in various types of bonds, such as instant bond, temporary bond, and permanent bond. Choose the bond type based on the specific requirements of your project.

3.Strength Of Bond

Assess the strength of bond needed for your project. Some adhesives provide a stronger bond than others. For heavy-duty projects, consider epoxy or polyurethane adhesives, while lighter projects may be suitable for super glue or craft glue like the Bodar fast fix odorless white adhesive.

4.Drying Time

Drying time varies among adhesives. Some adhesives set quickly, while others require more time. Consider the time you have for your project and choose an adhesive that fits your timeline. All our adhesives are fast drying, choose the right one for your particular holiday craft.


Consider the flexibility requirements of your project. Some adhesives remain flexible after drying, which is important for projects that may experience movement or stress.

6.Transparency And Color

If the appearance of the adhesive is important to your project, consider whether the adhesive dries clear or if it has a specific color. Transparent adhesives are often preferred for projects where the glue lines should be less noticeable. Both our bodar classic multi-use paper glue and the bodar fast fix white adhesive dry clear which makes them ideal for crafts that you don’t want to appear messy after they dry.

7.Water Resistance

Determine whether your project requires water resistance. If your craft will be exposed to moisture, choose an adhesive that is water-resistant or waterproof. We have waterproof adhesives in our collection and your choice will depend on your craft this holiday.

8.Temperature Resistance

Consider the temperature conditions your project will face. Some adhesives may be more resistant to heat or cold, which is important for projects that will be used outdoors or in varying climates.

9. Ease Of Use

Some adhesives are easier to work with than others. Consider your comfort level and experience with different types of adhesives. For beginners, user-friendly options like our Bodar fast fix  white glue may be preferable. You can get it here.

10.Read Product Reviews

Check online reviews or seek recommendations from fellow crafters. Learning from the experiences of others can help you make informed decisions.

11. Test Before Use

Before applying any adhesive to your actual project, test it on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with your materials and to observe how it behaves. So take your Bodar multi-use paper glue and test it on your surface, see how it reacts before going full throttle with it on your project.

Remember that the right adhesive can make a significant difference in the success and longevity of your craft projects. Check out all our Bodar craft glues and call us today to make your order for the best adhesives for your holiday crafts.


Why is choosing the right adhesive important for holiday crafts?

The choice of adhesive plays a crucial role in the durability and appearance of your holiday crafts. The right adhesive ensures that your creations withstand the test of time, maintaining their festive charm throughout the holiday season.

What types of adhesives are suitable for various holiday craft materials?

Different materials require different adhesives. For paper and lightweight materials, consider craft glue or glue sticks. Heavy-duty projects may benefit from epoxy or polyurethane adhesives. Assessing the materials involved helps in making the right adhesive choice.

Are there adhesives that dry clear for a seamless finish?

Yes, many adhesives dry clear, providing a discreet and polished look to your holiday crafts. Transparent adhesives are ideal for projects where visible glue lines are undesirable. Our Bodar fast fix oduorless white glue and the bodar classic multi-use paper glue are perfect examples. 

How can I ensure the adhesives are safe for children’s holiday crafts?

 Opt for non-toxic, child-friendly adhesives when involving children in holiday crafting. Look for products labeled as safe for kids and always supervise their use to ensure a safe and enjoyable crafting experience.

Is water resistance important for holiday crafts?

Depending on the nature of your project, water resistance can be crucial, especially if your crafts will be displayed outdoors or in areas prone to moisture. Choose adhesives with water-resistant or waterproof properties for such scenarios.

What adhesives are best for intricate or delicate holiday crafts?

For intricate or delicate projects, consider adhesives with precision applicators such as fine-tip glues or double-sided tape. These options allow for detailed work without the risk of excess glue ruining the aesthetics.

Can I use the same adhesive for both paper and fabric in holiday crafts?

It’s best to choose adhesives specifically designed for the materials you’re working with. While some general-purpose adhesives work well on various surfaces, using a material-specific adhesive ensures a stronger and more reliable bond.

How do I know if an adhesive sets quickly or requires more drying time?

Check the product label or instructions for information on drying time. Additionally, testing the adhesive on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to your main project allows you to gauge its setting time.

Are there eco-friendly adhesives for holiday crafts?

Yes, there are eco-friendly adhesives available, made from sustainable or biodegradable materials. Check product labels for environmentally friendly options if you want to minimize the environmental impact of your holiday crafting.

Can I mix different adhesives for a single holiday craft project?

While it’s generally recommended to stick to one type of adhesive for consistency, you can experiment with combinations on small, inconspicuous areas to ensure compatibility. However, be cautious as different adhesives may have varying bonding strengths and drying times.

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